John the Beloved

What your favourite flowers say about your attitude to service?

If your service was a garden, what seeds would you plant in it? Would you plant bluebells for kindness and humility? Orchids for strength, truth and beauty? Heliotrope for eternal love? Rosemary for remembrance? Sage for wisdom? Thyme for courage and endurance? Spiritual service requires all of these. How can we do this effectively? Here are a few tips: Each morning scan your energy field, cleanse and then seal. Take time out to meditatae before you rush into your day and resolve anything that might bring your energy level down. Set a goal that involves helping someone else without fixing or rescuing. In his talk, John asks us to look at the world in which we live and ask ourselves if this is the world that we truly enjoy every day. Then it asks us to look at our life and ask if this is the best life we can create for ourselves and those around us. Finally it asks us to look at what is not supporting us and what we can do to change it. He offers us guidelines on how to live practical service so that simply being who we are and living it we change our energy, the outcomes possible and ultimately our world. Remember that if it’s to be it begins with me!