John the Beloved

What will you share in 2018?

What resolutions did you make for 2017? How long will you keep them? When will the pressure of them get to you?

A few years ago Tony and I decided to stop making resolutions since we never kept them and they created a sense of guilt at not keeping them. We realised that if we wanted to make changes then we needed to find a different way to operate.

Here’s what we did……

We asked ourselves what was the most important to us – health, wealth, happiness and made lists of what fell into each category. Then we tore up the list. That was our personality working. For us our service and our work is the most important. When we are on track there everything else takes care of itself.

We created a calendar and each month we agreed to practise one thing only. It might be smiling at people, or sending healing each morning or practising a spiritual exercise. We kept it simple – and it worked. We changed our lives because we took away the pressure and created pleasurable things to do. We changed our habits without breaking a sweat.

Most important our service became a thing of joy – and fun! Why not try it and surprise yourself too? We have added an article about Working with the Grid. Perhaps this might be one of the things you could do each month until you get into the swing of things?