John the Beloved

What is spiritual service?

Is it about being seen to do good works? Is it about being a martyr for your beliefs? Is it about being a vehicle for the Universal energy of Divine unconditional love to flow through you into the world. If it’s the first then you are in service to yourself and your ego is fed by others seeing what you do. If it’s the second then you are also in service to yourself and allowing your emotional body to feed on your martyrdom. However, if it’s the third then you are in service to the Divine. You are shining your light quietly and confidently into the world so its energy can do the work. Then it becomes “thy will not mine” and it also becomes “Of myself I do nothing” since all we do comes from the Divine. Service is about sharing with love and acceptance, not preaching and not rescuing. How much are you enjoying your service? If this is something taken so seriously that you are afraid of getting it wrong then where is the fun? John says often that we incarnate to have a good time. When we do so and share ourselves wholeheartedly with others then our service is a beautiful thing to enjoy.