John the Beloved

What is practical service?

What is service? Is it about how much you know that you can share with others? Is it about being seen to be fulfilling your purpose? For me, it’s about being awake, alert and aware at all times. It’s about not separating our spiritual journey from our daily life because, to me, there cannot be a separation. After all, we are spiritual no matter what we do. As has been said so many times we are Spirit having a human experience. That being so we are never truly off duty. Germany proved that to us in a very simple way. John told Tony and I years ago when we committed to our journey that we would never truly have a holiday again. So far, he has been proved right! There has alwaays been someone in need that we could help – and it always teaches us more about life. Germany was no exception. We went because we were invited to share John’s book at the October Trade Fair. John told us it was not about the book but about the connections we would make. We met some very interesting people, including a publisher, and learned so much about the publishing world. However, what was truly interesting was the night we went for a quiet dinner. A lady asked if she could share our table as the restuarant was full. Of course we agreed. She too was attending the trade fair. During the course of the conversation she spoke about health and how worrying it could be. Tony shared about his tumour and how it does not always have to be a worry. That when he was sick there was so much love and light offered to him and how quickly he recovered. She shared about her husband and became very emotional. He too has a tumour and she is afraid since he has had it for 6 years. We offered her pink bubbles, which she accepted, and the talk moved on. At the end of the evening she gave us her email and asked if she could keep in touch. She also confided that she had been feeling very low and Tony’s message had lifted her spirits. It was one evening out of eight and despite her circumstances one of the most enjoyable we have spent in a long time. And we got to see the old town and sail the Main so I feel we had a holiday too. Isn’t life grand?