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What is community?

In the Seven Spiritual Truths, John speaks about living in community. In fact, he often mentions community in his monthly talks on the membership site. 

It interests me how sometimes we talk about something without really being clear what it is. We talk about the JTB Community.  

And yet what is the community? 

Community, for me in this context, is a place which came out of John’s talks many years ago. He asked us to create a place where people can come to learn without judgement about who they are or their beliefs. It was a safe place to share a common vision. It’s a place where we can go to be part of a shared journey. It‘s a place to belong, feel connected and safe when life challenges us. It’s also a place where we can contribute to help others to feel safe. 

Have you felt connected to our community? If so, please share how. If not, please share why. 


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  1. Yes I do feel connected in a way that’s more at the soul level. I have had members of the community, Helen and Tony appear in my dreams over the years, and the feeling has always been the members and community are deeply connected to me staying on my soul path and not getting distracted by my own sense of what that is. In the dreams, the way members have confronted me, alerted me and inspired me has been always with a passion for my own fulfilment beyond my own commitment to that fulfilment, so that speaks volumes as to the depth of the connection for me. Its like having someone care about my own soul journey as much as I do. And Helen and Tony and John’s work and “working” shops keep going after you go to them…which is what still happens in my dreams. Thanks to you for this ongoing learning and support.

  2. I have felt part of this community on and off for 20 years. I treasure the community and my place in the community for all the reasons stated above. One member of the group reached out to me a few months ago. I was in deep grief and joy was slipping away from me and I couldn’t hold on. I have not met her physically but she asked me am I ok? I wasn’t but her care turned that around. That’s community. Meditating together. Connecting regularly. Knowing Spirit surrounds us and cheers us on when we practice what we are learning. Having JtB teach us has been a miracle and after 20 years I feel this community has gone from strength to strength.
    I don’t physically see many of you. Rarely do I see one or two but the energy of this community has succeeded in being capable of by-passing physical meetings and runs on the fuel of pure intent,clarity, purpose and love.

  3. When I first “met” John the Beloved in 2010 through the channel Helen Barton, a door was opened into a reality of Self that I had not experienced before. John spoke to me as a person, as an emerging soul, and as an evolving Spirit which was not limited to this current life or Planet. What was interesting to me was not only the content of John’s message, but the intuitive connection I had to the information.
    From that point a seed was planted that had everything to do with being in common-unity with myself, and with John as a wise teacher. Shortly after I chose to study the Seven Spiritual Truths, Beyond 2012, and Guarding the Elements with Helen. Her sincerity, focus and commitment to Spirit, along with a no fuss direct approach (keep your feet on the ground and do the work) attitude was unlike any spiritual teacher I had come across. I found her approach both confronting and enlightening. I met many kindred spirits in the workshops and felt a heart connection to most. A sense of belonging to the group energy was growing within me.
    I liked the emotional connection of sitting in a room listening and then sharing with others, especially on the topic of Spirit. I was excited and my emotional body was bulging at the seams!

    Since a young age I had lived in spiritual ashrams, community houses and varied alternative environments growing and sharing food, ideas, knowledge, skills and joy and this physical connection to others was important to me. I once asked John about a community space I was creating on a Farm in Tamborine Mountain and to paraphrase him… “You have people that are sharing a physical space but they are not connected by consciousness”. This message, left an impression but I doggedly continued focussing on creating my ideology of a spiritual community. And for all the obvious reasons it didn’t work.

    Now it is 2020 and I have been listening for many years to the Teachings of John, Helen and Tony and now the Community Members on Facebook and Youtube. I apply the teachings in my day-to-day reality to help myself and others. And now I share conversations with a diverse range of souls who don’t necessarily think or act like me. This acceptance brings me a freedom and joy that feels limitless.

    When the JTB group comes together online for the various conversations, or meditation I have been challenged by technology and often cannot connect or I find myself “somewhere” but not where the action is. I am working on this but the process is frustrating and discombobulating.
    Also keeping up with the various facebook pages and what is what. Why can’t there be one facebook page?

    How would I describe the JTB Community.
    A Spiritual group with a Common-Unity of Service to the Divine Plan. The members (points of focussed light who are remembering Who they are) are connected through Consciousness and Love. We come together to: meditate, learn, channel healing energy, and focus the light and to share our experiences. We come together as a powerful united field of Intent that is opening up to Creative Intelligence and the endless possibilities that are born from that source.

    Do I feel connected to the JTB Community
    Yes ….on a Spiritual Level
    No…. on a personality Level.

  4. It‘s a place to belong, feel connected and safe when life challenges us…..I’ve been looking for this place my whole life. I feel like, straight out of the gates I knew I had something to do, somewhere to be, I just had to find it. This community is that place for me….
    I have been challenged to grow, to look at my beliefs and change them if I choose, I haven’t always liked it but it’s exactly what I have wanted and needed, so I can be more, and be this for others.

  5. Yes. This is a community where I really learn the true meaning of being inclusive. I can’t agree more that it is absolutely a safe place where people can be themselves and there are constant examples of kindness and acceptance. For me, it is a true global community without borders. Thank you!

  6. Despite being spread across the globe and not even seeing members of this community regularly, there is a connection here that I truly cherish. The commonly held beliefs and the spiritual link between us through our sharing of energy is something that is important to me. There is a sense of belonging here that I have not felt in any other group. Thank you Helen, Tony and John.

  7. For years I had this obsessive idea about finding home. It made no sense as even as a 10 year old I had hit his weird feeing of I just find home. And took it literal then. And wondered even if my family were my real family (🤭)

    And when I came across your work and John … I came home. That is still how the community feels. The place to come and learn (nourish) to connect and share. To laugh. And inspire and be inspired. It’s home. A family of light.

    Thank you for building it Helen and Tony and John.

  8. I love being part of the JTB Community for the every reason that it brings so many different people together from around the world who care about spirituality, the planet and each other. We all grow and learn from each other and the teachings. I love how there is an opportunity to come together regularly to connect online gatherings, facebook lives, meditations and training.

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