John the Beloved

What does your Spiritual Service look like?

Do you have an opinion about your world and how it should be? Are you focussed on what you want to share with your world? Do you meditate on how you can assist the Divine Plan? In his talk on Spiritual service, John asked us to look at how we serve Spirit in the world. We actually did this last year when Tony had brain surgery. What a wake up call – and what a gift! We recognised a hidden mindset and it changed our focus so much going forward. We realised that we had focussed on our service to others and forgotten that this is a two way street. The outpouring of love and healing for us both showed our community operating as a community with a shared goal. it reminded us to receive as much as we are willing to give. We often forget that in our desire to give to others. Service is much stronger when there is both giving and receiving. We realised that we have a community that is willing to mobilise when necessary. It also reminded us that service requires rest if we are to continue. We all need time to withdraw and recharge and so we set aside more time to do this – and to have holidays too! In fact, when my brother-in-law died in the middle of the year coincidentally (!) I was in Europe researching the 2018 retreat. Of course there is no such thing as coincidence. I had allowed time on my return to rest and integrate. That time meant I could actually stay with my sister in the UK and not worry about cancelling sessions. Despite the circumstances, it was lovely to have time simply to be with her and the family. It was also a gift to see how Neville had been in service to others in the way he helped people in any way he could. Spiritual service is about the things we do to lighten someone’s life, not about how much we can teach them. It’s about being willing to share with others with an open heart. Tony and I are so honoured to be part of a community that is willing to do this at all times.