John the Beloved

Understanding psychic energy

What is psychic energy? How does it work? When does it work? Where does it come from? Why is it necessary? This is a topic that could fill thousands of books – and does! In this article I am simply giving an overview because if you are choosing to grow effectively then it’s good to know what can help and what can hinder. We all have an etheric energy field which denotes our physical well being. However beyond that lies another field which is often called the aura. This is our psychic energy field and within it lies all the emotions and attitudes we hold about ourselves. All our hopes and fear,s criticism and capabilities are to be found here. Every person we meet and every event we engage in imprints this field with our thoughts and feelings about it. And often this is what we connect to believing it’s our Soul talking to us. Its purpose is to provide awareness of our surroundings so we can navigate safely. It operates all of the time and is usually called our “gut instinct”. However, if we fill it with thoughts and emotions that we do not resolve the awareness gets very cloudy. It is then difficult for it to advise us if we can trust someone. It never switches off and so it’s important to resolve the issues within it so that we can be awake and aware all of the time both to who we are being and to those around us. Without that we are conditioned and controlled by what lies unresolved within. In early times this instinct kept us alive. We don;t really need it to do that now but we do need to be aware of our environment and if it controls us or we control it through our Higher Self. Fear would cause the fight or flight instinct to kick in. Hope would keep people moving when all seemed lost. Criticism didn’t develop until many stopped being nomads and only then did we begin to recognise our capabilities too. Next week I will give some tips on how to work effectively with it.