John the Beloved

Unconditional Being

Is being right or wrong important to you? Are you conditional about your acceptance of others? Do you accept things easily? Are you living with Accept or Except? When being right or wrong is important to us then we are not living unconditionally. We live according to hard and fast rules and someone will always lose. Our scientists live in this land since for them it is about facts. How often have “facts’ had to be amended as they learned more and that learning changed everything? The same applies to us. What might be right one day may prove to be wrong another. When we live with conditions we live without spontaneity. Conditions require policing just as being right or wrong does. Who are the conditional police? Why would we choose to live this way unless we are seeking guarantees that we are taken care of, in spite of how we treat ourselves? We lose the ability to flow with our guidance since conditions limit that flow. John tells us that our ability to live in acceptance is determined by our capacity to live wholeheartedly. Themore we learn to do so, the less we need conditions. Why? Because wwe realise that our own energy will ensure the best outcome for the highest good of all. At that point we will know that “All is well”, as John says.