John the Beloved

Transformation or Healing

I have been asked recently what the difference is between the Violet Flame and the Blue Flame and which we are best to use. In the early 1980’s the Violet Flame was used widely in most esoteric circles. It is the Flame of Transformation and is directly connected to Master St Germain. We were told then that the global energy was so toxic that transformation was essential if we were to survive into the 21st century. It was quite a shock so we began to use it very diligently and were rewarded with the information that we had all successfully shifted the vibration. At this time the Peace 21st movement was formed and built more and more on the foundation laid. Then we were given the Blue Flame in the late 1990’s. At that time John was asked what the difference is. This is his answer. For a period of time groups and individuals were asked to work with a Violet Flame. The Violet Flame was necessary for the energy of your planet was of such a condition that it was difficult for clarity, for forgiveness or for love to be established. And the Violet Flame enabled that condition to take effect. It has succeeded. There are those who will work with it as an initial step as it were in the transformation of their Being. The Blue Flame is more powerful and thus it cannot be handed to those who would use it in a negative manner. And the strength and the power of the Blue Flame is such that, as you utilise it for protection, it is a force field; any energy which seeks admittance is returned to the sender conditioned by the energy of the one within the force field. If you feel love, they will feel your love magnified, sharply and clearly. So think well on your energy at all times.