John the Beloved

Taking stock of your spiritual journey

Taking stock of our spiritual journey is an important way of remembering to connect to our Presence within. I often remind people to stop and look at how far they have come since their journey began. We set out on a path but often forget to look behind to see how far we have travelled. However, when we climb a hill we seem to do it regularly. I wonder why? Walking a spiritual path is like climbing a hill. It makes sense to stop, pause and look back on how far we have come. It is always a surprise that we have covered more ground than we realised. That’s because we focus on each step and can lose sight of the bigger picture. Our inner Presence never does. It holds that bigger picture for us so that we can be reminded of where we are going and how much we have already accomplished. How often do you stop and assess your journey? Do you ever stop to look at who and where you were 1, 2, or even 5 years ago and marvel at how far you have come?