John the Beloved

Taking Life for Granted

This month I want to challenge your unconscious attitudes and perceptions by bringing them into the light of day. This week I’m asking you to look at where you take life for granted and why you do so.
It is so easy to forget all the things for which we can be thankful and to focus on where things aren’t perfect. And yet, it is often in our most challenging times that we learn how much more there is inside ourselves, waiting for an opportunity to come out.

Write on a piece of paper all the people and areas in your life you take for granted; that you assume will always be there for you. Now ask yourself if you have truly appreciated and been thankful for them. Remember to include yourself in this too!

I’m also suggesting that within our Insight Essentials group we begin to express our thanks – not gratitude. Being thankful does not make us less. However, being grateful might make us feel so. Thankfulness comes from the heart and opens us up to All That Is.


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