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Superstition or Intuition?

Are you superstitious or intuitive?

It’s surprising how many people are both and whilst they are happy to be intuitive, they are not so happy feeling superstitious!
This week we have Friday 13th, coming up. Does it bother you? Are you worried what might go wrong? Or do you enjoy that little shiver of uncertainty that accompanies it?

When we’re intuitive , it’s about anticipation. We often know in advance when things are coming up; we sense something unseen or feel a shift in energy. When we’re superstitious it’s about fear. Fear that is based on something we have heard, learned or been told, something we have experienced that was not pleasant.

Did you ever carry a rabbit’s foot for good luck? It’s seen as harmless and comes from a tribe who believed the animal was lucky so carried parts of it with them to strengthen their energy. What about a black cat? Their association with witchcraft or the occult make them appear bad luck if one crosses your path. If you’re spiritual you must wear white is another. The belief is that you are strengthened by the white, which contains all colours. In fact, you could wear black and receive the same strenthening since black contains all colours in pigment.

In fact, we create our reality at all times depending on what we choose to believe in or fear. Working spiritually helps us to recognise where our superstitions hide, influencing our behaviour. It opens us up to our intuition, which guides us to claiming all we are rather than being afraid of all we might be.

Are you choosing your intuition or superstition?


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