John the Beloved

Strength through action

Last week we looked at the Solstice as a map finder. Meditation and connecting to the energies of the Solstice is a powerful opportunity. Although it seems pagan we are in fact connecting to the power of the Solar Logos, which is the element of Fire and to the Source of All Life, which is Aether. However if we have not developed our spiritual strength then following any spiritual compass is going to be almost impossible. Building strength is about being present to our guidance. It asks that when the meditation or connection is over we do not simply record it and move on. To build our strength, it’s about looking at how we can apply what we are being shown. If we are shown where we hesitate, for example, it’s useful to know it. Nevertheless, if we don’t do something about it (take action) then nothing changes. Since Uranus has moved into Taurus, which is all about building, we have new or unique ways to make those changes necessary to build our strength. How will you do so? If you find meditation difficult try daydreaming, visualisation or contemplation. All of these take your focus away from the material world you are sitting in and place it elsewhere. The elsewhere is always significant.