John the Beloved

Solstice and Aether

Following the theme of energy and co creation, the Solstice is an important time no matter if it is the summer or the winter. Both of these times the spiritual energy is strong – and both offer opportunities to work with the element of aether. In each it is about the Light within each of us and how we work with it.

When we celebrate the winter solstice we are going within to our own Light. Some call this hibernation. I call it withdrawing within to connect at very deep levels with our own Light, the role we play in the Divine plan and to connect to our own path and plan for the next steps. This is the darkness before dawn where we connect to the Void and to all potential. When we honour who we are and our journey we are able to set intent for the next phase of life. WE celebrate the elements within us and recharge them.

When we celebrate the summer solstice, we are celebrating Light and opening ourselves up to the spiritual Light flowing to us, bringing inspiration and new energy. This is a time for external action and seeing the results of all that we intuited at the time of the winter solstice. Now we are able to step forward with the wisdom of the winter and be thankful for all that is offered to us. The summer solstice helps us to connect to nature and to the elements and their energy.

For those of you who are joining our 21st Harmony meditation group, we will be meeting live on Facebook to share the meditation.


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