John the Beloved

looking at a very wide vistaSeeing the bigger picture is the opportunity for all of us in 2022.

In John’s December evening talk, he speaks about the fact that 2022 is an important year because it’s a karmic point in the cycle of humanity. He talks about the fact that we have an opportunity to rebalance and align our planetary discourse. And that if we look at the bigger picture of what has been, what we’re still in the process of creating, it might help us to see the bigger picture for what could happen in 2022. 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for us all on many levels. And it doesn’t look as though 2022 is going to miraculously solve those challenges. However, 2022 does provide us with an opportunity, through seeing the bigger picture, to look at how we can do things differently. Instead of seeing our world and where it fits into our picture, perhaps it’s time for each of us to stop, step out of the dramas that we’re engaged in, all of which are very real and for many very challenging,, and look at where we fit in the planet’s bigger picture. When we turn it around, it helps us to see that we’re small cogs in a very big wheel. And whilst we may have much to contribute, unless we learn to collaborate, much of what we can contribute will be unused or discarded.

We’re often told that we have a responsibility to future generations. And we do. We also have a responsibility to ourselves, to leave the world that we live in in a better place than we found it. And I don’t see that at the moment and it worries me. We also have a responsibility to the planet and the planetary being. Many people see responsibility as a burden. If you see it as a choice, a choice to contribute more, rather than to take more, perhaps that might seem more attractive and perhaps then you would be able to see where you fit in the bigger picture, in what you can contribute that builds your journey.


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