John the Beloved

Power of Love or the love of power

Are you seeking power? Are you seeking Love? How do you know which applies to you? Power is not Love and yet Love is Power. Why is it important at this time? We’ve stepped into a new year and are probably full of good intentions. After all, a new year is an opportunity to rearrange the things we didn’t get quite right last year, isn’t it? That being so, we need to feel strong and confident that we are heading in the “right” direction. Or do we? Often we do that by looking at others and comparing where they are and what they are doing with ourselves – to our own detriment usually. Bad move! All our optimism seems to drain away. Subconsciously we need to find a balance and often that comes from finding fault with them so we don’t feel so bad. If we feel really bad then we share the faults we find with others so they can see how good we are by comparison. Gossip is one of the most insidious of energies and causes so much harm. That is love of power. However, when we are looking at what we accomplished and how to build on that, without any comparison, or when we compare in order to learn, then we are standing in the power of love. At that point we honour both our own journey and the journey of another. That in turn builds positive and empowering energy for both. The Love of Power controls and often defeats. The Power of Love enables all within it to learn and grow together building strongly for the future. Which are you?