John the Beloved

Opportunities Mindset

John tells us that this is the opportunity to reset that had to happen. We have become so mired in the fast pace of our lives that our connection to the metaphysical world is being compromised. 

He asked us to take a look at the bigger picture.  

Are you hearing the inner promptings asking us all to develop our awareness and step back from the path of destruction we are treading? Are you being guided on how to live in greater harmony with the planet as a whole, not just its people? 

You cannot do as you have always had to do. Here’s an opportunity to reconnect to your soul and hear its words without the distraction of being busy.  

We have all been granted time to stop and take a breath, to sit in the silence. In that silence what opportunity are you being offered to return to wholeness and joy? 


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  1. Thank you very much for this beautiful article. One important lesson for me is acceptance. When I react, my anger goes out not only to the people but to the planet as well. For me, to be consciously practising acceptance.

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