John the Beloved

Monthly themes for meditation

What is your focus for meditation? How do you choose your connection point? Do you just sit and hope for the best? We are often asked how to meditate, when the real question is what to meditate about. If you are a beginner then often it is easier to use a guided meditation to meet your guides or teachers. If you have been meditating for awhile however, it is not quite so easy or simple. I used to look at the theme of energy that was around me and sit to meditate about that. Often I felt my understanding was improved. Sometimes I felt I got nowhere. and on a few occasions I left my meditation feeling I had missed the point somehow. If that’s you then I really understand. However, once John began offering his monthly talks I found I had plenty of choice for meditation. Each month He offers either an actual meditation or an exercise to meditate upon. In fact the One Minute Wisdom in our newsletter each month offers the same opportunity and potential. If you would like to check this our visit the free section All About John in our membership and try this for yourself. Let us know how you get on and we’ll see what else we can come up with!