John the Beloved

Meditation, its purpose and value

What is meditation? Why do we do it? How does it help us? Meditation is the art of stepping beyond your personality and into your Soul. Having meditated for a number of years, I am a great proponent of meditation. However I am not one to tell you how you should do it. We are all individuals and what suits one may not suit another. Many like to be guided. Many prefer to sit in silence and feel their connection. Whichever works for you is the right way to meditate. And if you feel you cannot do so then daydream instead. It’s another way to enter an altered state. Meditation is about taking ourselves out of whatever situation we are in to go within and understand who we are. It’s not about a long list of questions. It’s about listening to our own inner being and all it wishes to share with us. When we meditate our breath deepens and thus we oxygenate our bodies fully. We calm the central nervous system and relax on very deep levels. And sometimes if we are very deep we may be contacted by those from the higher realms who wish to work with us. That’s how I met John for the first time – although he did not say who he was then. If he had I would probably have run away since this was in the 80’s and life was very different then. When we develop a regular practice of meditation the benefits go beyond our health into levels of well being that bring us fully to life. This is not about being “woo-woo.” It’s about realising that we all have a role to play on this planet, understanding how to do so without drama and stepping up to help improve life for us all. When we are at peace within, we are able to share peace with others through collaboration.