John the Beloved

Magical Andorra

Are your Soul and Personality engaged in a life long love affair? Are they distinct and separate aspects of self? Do you feel the joy of experiencing each day as an adventure? Andorra is a hidden gem, which opens up the more you enter and explore. From the towering mountains and vibrant forests to the people whom we encountered, each day was an adventure – and never disappointed! We heard comments about the softness of the energy, the brightness of the light etc. In truth, it was more that here was a place that offered time out from the hurly burly of life; a space in which to contemplate and meditate and find our inner truth. It was the perfect place for our retreat – and we may well revisit it! Taking that gift opened our hearts to how to live in harmony. When our Soul and Personality connect then we bridge the gap between anchoring our heart and living in harmony with all. For fun – and because we could! – Tony stood in France and I stood in Andorra and shared a kiss over the border, which is exactly what happens when the two most important aspects of ourselves connect. When we live in love of life and all we can be then we bridge our magic and bring joy to self and others. Stepping out of the need to criticise self or others, being open to the joy of discovering what next, we found a sense of connection to nature that is still working within us on inner levels. That connection to nature is the easiest way to connect to All That Is. When we stop and listen, really listen from the heart, our lives change forever. We are At One with all life everywhere. Are you?