John the Beloved

Living from your sixth sense.

Do you feel your intuition is leading you down the garden path?
Are you wrong more often than you are right when following it?
Why does it lead to unhappy endings?

I often hear people saying that their intuition led them astray – or that they were misled by following their intuition. Intuition never leads us astray. We lead ourselves astray when we can’t tell the difference between the intuition and the subconscious mind.

We learn to meditate and believe that now we are in touch with the Divine and all is well. For some that is true. However for most of us, the early stages of meditation are about hearing our chatter. To be able to live from our sixth sense we first need to be open and vulnerable to all it can show us – not just the good bits! It helps us to see the pieces that are afraid in a gentle and non judgemental way. It asks us to be honest with ourselves if we are to be all we can be. After all, if we deny our fear of heights, for example, how can we become the mountaineer we secretly wish to become but never quite seem to able to achieve?

​Our sixth sense – or our connection to aether – is the best tool we have. As with any tool we need to learn how to use it before it can do a really great job for us. We need to practise using it daily by first using it to understand ourselves and recognising when our fear is prompting us and when love is speaking to us. Fear is the emotional body, sacral chakra, whilst love is the heart chakra. When we know what we fear then our intuition can help us to consciously navigate the fear in a loving manner to achieve all our goals.

When we live from our sixth sense we feel a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves. We live within its inner calm and peace with a certainty that is absolute. It itsn’t our intuition that misleads us. It’s our fear. My life became so much richer when I stopped allowing my fear to drive the train and allowed my intuition to do so. It has never failed me yet.


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