John the Beloved

Counting our blessings

counting our blessingsWorking with the colour pink last week represents acceptance: acceptance of where we are, not acceptance of how we got there, or why. However, when we stand in acceptance, it makes it so much easier to count our blessings. We all have concerns at this point in time. Coming up to Christmas, it’s always worse, because there are so many expectations on us around Christmas, and the Christmas presents we buy and the socialising we do and how we’re supposed to be, et cetera, et cetera. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas and have a different faith, this is time for families to come together and it can become a hot house.

So, this week, I’m asking you to stop and take note of the blessings in your life. It might be that you have a beautiful child. It might be that you have a partner who always has your back. It might be that you live in a beautiful part of the world. Money might be tight but you feel well loved and supported.

No matter how dark our world is, at a personal level, the world itself has tremendous beauty. Why not take this week to make a list of the things that while they don’t solve your problems, do offer an opportunity to lift your spirits?

Count your blessings. Be open to the fact that you may achieve all you wish one day. But what about living in the moment now and enjoying those things which add to your life and your happiness? And let’s give the things that bother us as much of a miss as we can.

Tony and I wish you all the very best for the holidays, that you feel blessed, and your life is perhaps better than it may seem. We wish that 2022 is much kinder for us all.


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