John the Beloved

Is Your Life Abundant?

Did you check out your degree? Were you surprised and/or pleased? If you looked at how you work with Spirit from last month’s newsletter and recognised your relationship then let’s take it a step further. Living all we learn is also about how well we love who we are and all we offer consciously or not. The Law of Abundance offers a great tool to continue your spiritual health check. According to John, the level of abundance you allow into your life is a direct outcome of the level of acceptance and love you hold for yourself. The latest retreat in Brittany was very abundant. We had abundant teaching, food, play and magical places to visit. We had abundant energy to work with and play with. Most of all we had abundant community energy based on love and value of self then flowing into all areas. If you have been following the One Minute Wisdom offered you will see how one thing leads to another.So how well do you value self? Here’s a quick test to check. 1. Is it important to you that others know who you are? 2. Do you have a need to be first in the queue? 3. Are you afraid of being left behind or alone? If the answer to any of these is YES then you are still being conditional about who you are and are looking to others for your value and validation. If the answer is no then your level of self love is aligned to you and your journey. Of course this only works if you are truly honest in your answers. If there is a condition then perhaps you don’t know yourself as well as you could? How could you learn to know and trust yourself better? We will look at that in next month’s newsletter – and offer more ideas.