John the Beloved

Intuition or Personality talking

How can we tell the difference between the fake news our personality tells us to keep us safe and controlled and the reality that Spirit offers us for growth and adventure? When Donald Trump spoke of fake news we thought he had it wrong – and yet now we actually see it in operation in our world. It is also in our lives.

The fake news usually contains either a fear, a condition or a criticism of self or others. It will tell us that we are vulnerable. It will tell us what we want to hear that proves we have value – or proves another is less capable in some way than us. It tells us that others do not understand us because they are not as special or sensitive as we are. It justifies behaviour and builds our ego.

When we are walking with our intuition and Spirit, we are shown the significance of our actions, thoughts and feelings. We are given the compliment of being treated as an adult, not a child to be continually comforted. We are faced with reality and shown how easy it is to create the future we wish to live if we are willing to let go of our fear and control. IT also asks us to take responsibility for our lives and not look to others to keep us safe. It asks us to LIVE, not exist.

Which do you operate by?


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  1. Reading this I realise how often i act from the personality, and the joy beyond the fear of walking around using fake news as a means to keep me safe (and still unhappy!)

  2. I see how easy it is to live in our comfort zone and how when we do that we don’t live fully. Thank you for this great reminder to take a risk – feeling our fear and doing it anyway, seeing its a reminder of how we are growing!

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