John the Beloved

How will your life unfold now?

As we step into another year, what are your hopes and wishes? Do you have a dream that you want to fulfill? The challenge is often twofold. Knowing where to begin and knowing if you have the ability to do so. I find the beginning of the year an exciting time because everyone is on holiday and so the energy is relaxed. No phones ringing, few emails and time and space to daydream. Over the past year we have been on quite a journey with John and this is the time when I can look back over that journey to see how far I have come. With that in mind I have a few questions that might help you get started in our Facebook challenge next week. For now, throw away any New Year Resolutions. Instead ask yourself what your intent is for this year. What time frame will you give yourself to complete it? Making resolutions has become a game. Setting an intent can be exciting too if we then follow up with action. Are you ready to create a new life full of potential and possibilities? TONY AND I WISH YOU ALL A WONDERFUL 2018 FILLED WITH ALL YOUR HEART DESIRES AND WITH WHICH YOUR SOUL IS ALIGNED.