John the Beloved

How will you step into 2019?

Do you have a plan for 2019?
Have you created a vision board?
What service are you offering next year?

As we step into a new year and a new energy, it is always beneficial to stop and consider what we wish our year to bring. Are you looking for something special? A relationship, career move, new house or baby?

Whatever it is, it’s important to set the intent and the tone to allow the Universe to manifest it with you. Notice I say with you and not for you. We are in partnership after all and we are as much a part of the process as our intuition, guides and teachers.
If your plan for 2019 is vague and undefined then the Universe will have trouble helping you to manifest it. You’ll move from one idea to another and nothing will quite develop.

One way to gain clarity is through creating a vision board. Put pictures of the energy you want to experience, any lists or ideas, photos that bring it into focus, quotes that empower you or little things you love. Above all, your board is about how you will feel once your vision becomes a reality. Our emotional body is very powerful at creating outcomes – and often not the ones we want to experience. When we have a board showing what we are dreaming, or visualizing, then each time we look at it, the emotion comes up. In addition, in looking at it we are instantly connecting to how it feels and manifesting it into our lives. This is about inspiring and motivating yourself.

Finally, be clear about what you want to offer the Universe. Everything is in balance so asking for what you want and not being willing to give something of yourself, upsets that balance. We are here in service. What service do you wish to focus on this year? How will you show up for others? Why is what you have to offer so important? Where can you enhance the lives of strangers? When will that be as automatic to you as breathing?

Where will your journey into 2019 take you?


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