John the Beloved

How to connect to the elementals in nature to support them

Once we are aligned within we are able to connect to the elementals in nature whose role it is to take care of the plants, trees and flowers. There are four spiritual kingdoms of nature. Fire, Earth, Air and Water and each has its own element and realm of consciousness. Fire is about motivation and the salamanders help with this. Air is about communication and the sylphs operate here. Water is about spiritual impulses and magnetism and here are the undines. Earth is about using spiritual energy to create physical life and abundance. Finally Aether is about the pure spiritual realms and therefore we are not able to connect with them until we shatter the soul. There are two ways to develop a connection. The first is to call to the type of elemental, such as salamander for example, and when you feel its presence allow yourselef to merge with its energy. To do this you must be already in meditation in the Void. Secondly, go into nature, place yourself in a bubble of protection and ask the elemental to come and talk with you there. If you are aligned they will do so. If you are pretending to be calm they won’t. It’s also important to remember that they are the caretakers so if you have a garden then talk to the elemental beings who are keeping your plants healthy and alive. If you wish to move something, ask it to release it’s roots first so it thrives after being transplanted. I hope you enjoy making a connection and learning to cooperate with them.