John the Beloved

How do we create it?

A community needs people to be effective. It needs them to share their journey, not their knowledge. It needs members of the community to be aware of all that is available and how to contribute, not just join to feel safe, or acquire knowledge. We can become too comfortable sometimes in being part of a community and allowing ourselves to be spoon fed. 

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We all have something important or significant to contribute. John talks about asking Spirit what you can offer, not just what you seek for self. When a community is active it thrives and becomes an inspiration for others to join, or for them to create something they are guided to do. Why not look at how what you have to share might just be an answer to something another person is seeking? Then post it on the page. All we ask is that you don’t sell, convert, lecture, or preach.  


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  1. Hi Anna,
    I feel we begin to create a system of collaboration, with respect for opposing views and a desire to find common ground. Rules won’t make it happen. However, a system can develop organically from the common ground on which we stand.

  2. Very apt for these times. We need a community that is thriving and sharing and supporting is essential. How we contribute is at the heart of this. Thank you for this reminder Helen.

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