John the Beloved

Healing Our Hearts

When our hearts are in pain, then our soul is talking to us about a lack of love. The heart is the source of our ability to love and if our emotions or minds are troubled, they block the natural flow of energy from the heart. This is when we need to be the bridge for the future not the death of caring. When we rise above our situation and work together to heal the lack of love in the world then our planet can ascend. And we truly become humanity, not mankind.   

Anger will not bring peace. Anger used constructively to create a bridge for us all to find a way can do so. Shouting at each other only creates noise. These past few weeks we have all seen the result of pent up frustration and fear. Now is the time to stop knee jerk reactions that only fuel trouble later. Now is the time to work together to find a path for all no matter the colour of their skin.  

Stop trying to rewrite history. Without it we cannot see our triumphs or our failures. We have no context for learning and will simply repeat mistakes. We need to realise that one rotten apple does not make the whole rotten, no matter who they are or the role they play.  

Only light can drive out darkness. 


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