John the Beloved

Healing Our Emotions

This month our focus is on healing and how important it is. We live in challenging times once again with so much stirring our emotions that it’s almost as if we are ready to explode from the energy spilling out in various parts of the planet.  

When our emotions are stirred it is often difficult to sit and meditate. Our minds are racing, our emotions seek an outlet. We are supercharged and that often blocks our guidance from being heard clearly. This is when healing is so important.   

This Eclipse cycle which began just over a week ago is in Cancer and for the next 6 months it’s all about our emotions. If we’re not careful, we become a lynch mob. If were caring, then we stand and offer support and assistance.  

One simple healing tool is to sit with one hand over your heart and the other over the solar plexus and simply breathe for a few minutes. The breathing helps to soothe to emotional body and the hands bring balance to the solar plexus and heart, allowing our intuition to be heard. Then we can help others from that centered place within. 


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