John the Beloved

Healing or Mastery?

We’re actually on retreat in beautiful Port Douglas, so this was written in advance. Whilst there we will be focussed on the ability to heal ourselves of all that tries to keep us small, either physically, emotionally or mentally. We are also looking at Soul Mastery. In fact we are holding a couple of fun debates around these topics. Healing the physical is simply taking care of the personality and its woes. When we look at our issues through the eyes of our Soul or Higher Self we have the opportunity to look at what within us is not aligned. Once we are able to see this then our healing begins. Soul Mastery is not about healing ourselves. It’s about strengthening the inner links that allow our spiritual energy to flow, bringing our lives into balance once again. Then we operate from the strength of who we are. Soul Mastery comes from alignment of all aspects of ourselves. How well are you doing with this?