John the Beloved

Have others tried to put out your Light?

Have you ever felt psychically attacked? Do you feel others try to put out your Light? That you are being punished for sharing it? Sometimes with the best will in the world to be of service we rub someone up the wrong way. Often it is easily and quickly resolved. It might be that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time – or they are grumpy and don’t like your Pollyanna attitude. Sometimes it is much deeper than that and is more about them than you.

When we are psychically attacked, we feel it at a physical level. We might feel sick, have headaches or even nightmares. The simplest way that I have found to clarify if this is happening is to try saying a prayer that you know well. Usually you will find you cannot remember it easily or you will stumble over it. you may even find that you are having trouble meditating.

However in these cases you are the one feeling the energy coming your way and need to recognise and understand it without attaching to it. This does not mean that you have been invaded. This is a warning to you that something is occurring and to double your bubble of protection or meditate on what this is about if you are to resolve it. When we feel our Light is being challenged we are not victims of others. We are learning how to operate within a community. After all, we are part of a community and there in service. If we are irritating others then perhaps we need to look at what our energy is doing. Sometimes it might be too bright for others and there is little you can do about that. (I will offer a few clues in next week’s checklist.) Usually there is something between you, either of this life or a past life and here is an opportunity to resolve it. This is not about confrontation. You might want to chat with them to do so without becoming defensive or critical. However, if you simply and honestly look at what within you is being triggered by them it will help you to address your inner energy. In doing so, you will release some of the emotional charge of the other person. In some cases this one is determined not to like you so simply wish them well and move on. Trying to persist in that situation will only bring you more pain. You will know you have succeeded when the headaches and nightmares stop. We cannot win everyone over. We are here to be ourselves and allow others to be the same and this is a lesson in acceptance.