John the Beloved

Harmlessly Being or Being Harmless

Last month John spoke about the difference between harmlessly being and being harmless. In his words’ “Being harmless is a decision that you make that aligns you in a particular situation to a specific cause of action. When you are harmlessly being it means that at the core of your being you are aligned to that energy. And so, you do not got to think, you do not got to choose a course of action, it will flow through your being automatically.”  

Harmlessly being is about an automatic response to the energy we are experiencing whereas being harmless requires us to choose – and that can lead to judgement. 

Harmlessly being simply asks us to ask what is our role here? Then it’s not about us but about our service.  

How will you operate this month? 


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  1. Wow. This was like a Zen koan for me for a few moments! I am not usually stumped by John…but he got me this time!

    Ironically – and perfectly – when I ceased trying to figure it out and let go…ther e it was.

    Just about a half hour ago I had the ocassion to bump into someone who has had a significant negative impact on my life as of late; making decisions that directly impact my living situation and doing so thoughtlessly and selfishly…during a pandemic.

    Indeed, I had a moment of negative thought when I saw him; then, I let go and aligned with my role…as a leader; as a role model for “where” we need to be with one another as we experience and undergo this uncertain, chaotic, and fearful time.

    Kindness is our greatest and most powerful gift right now.

    I gently asked him how he was doing, responded in kind…and reminded him if he needed anything, I am available to support him. (He knows I have been a life coach and healer for many years).

    I think I was…harmlessly being. How about that!

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