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Harmlessly Being as an experience

It’s not so easy to differentiate how harmlessly being works except to say that it comes from the heart of our being and is a natural response to the energy we are in at the time. If we’re in self-acceptance, then we’re in flow with All That Is. In that flow we’re able to accept that everything happens for a reason. When I had a stroke at 38 years of age, it offered me an opportunity I could not have grasped any other way. Not to say I wish to repeat the experience! 

Being helpless, feeling unable to really think or communicate as I used to do was both frightening and at the same time peaceful. As I healed, I was able to see a part of my self-image that was limiting and invisible till the stroke. In that situation, I was harmlessly being because I couldn’t be any other. My soul was directing the show. I was simply experiencing the energy and was only able to flow with it. Once I recovered, I would balance my chakras daily until I felt the energy was anchored within. Now I consciously maintain my inner balance and life is good! Do you? 


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  1. Hello Helen

    I never realised that you’d had a stroke. What can I say – your recovery is why I’ve met you at all. I’m so glad that you recovered, and for all the opportunities you’ve afforded me to talk to John , and to you and Tony personally. (It was after he told me that “you ironed the sheets” when you lived locally, that I Knew you wouldn’t be comfortable here, for a visit, ever.)

    Cheers to a happy past – I still miss the contact with John: so much going on now…………
    Loving regards to you both,

  2. Helen
    Great post. Your suggestion to me previously to work consistently each day to balance my Charkras has really helped me lift my energy/vibration. Thank you. More to do.

    1. And, just to test it out, when I don’t balance my chakras or I find that I am reacting to something, I notice it points back to something about myself I am not accepting. Thanks Helen!

  3. Hi Helen, Thanks so much for this post, I hadn’t really considered that harmlessly being started with being in acceptance of self. Since John’s talk I have been wondering about this. I have been balancing my chakras daily also and have noticed a huge difference in how I experience events and myself xx

  4. Sometimes we need that outer reminder to consciously connect with our inner balance and life. The Soul is in charge and sometimes we just need to listen. Blessings..

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