John the Beloved

Growing Relationships in 2019

What type of relationships do you want to create? Are you looking for approval or connection? Do you allow others to meet the real you? Relationships are tricky things because we tend to expect others to think and feel as we do. After all, we’re friends, family so surely we all think and feel the same about things. It can be quite a shock to discover that is not the case. We’re all part of a global community. It’s a community that appears to be fragmenting more each day. Does that mean we are helpless? No, it means that we have forgotten that communities are made from people coming together. People come together looking for a variety of things- joy, happiness, a particular outcome. They want to have fun and relax together or achieve a common goal. However, if you are looking to be liked, or seeking approval then your relationship is all about you and not about others. In any relationship if you’re not being genuine in your interaction, the other person will sense an incongruence and begin to step back. That person will feel the difference and a true relationship becomes impossible. If you’re not willing to allow others to see you, ‘warts and all’ as the saying goes, then you will never feel fully accepted or comfortable in any relationships. After all, you’re not accepting yourself enough to be seen and share that. Allowing others to meet the Essential You, as John says, gives you an opportunity to discover how much more of you there is to find. Why not join our facebook group Phoenix Rising and begin sharing who you are with others of like mind? You’ll be moving into community.