John the Beloved

Following Guidance

Do you accept the promptings from Spirit? Do you second guess yourself? Do you follow where you are led?

This is a path in a place we were led to yesterday. The whole morning had been magical in that we were led from one place to another and were nurtured and embraced by nature. We wanted to see the Falls, (who doesn’t?) and yet the name for this track seemed to be highlighted so we took it. Going down was easy! Coming up was a revelation and showed me how easily we allow ourselves to take the easy path without thinking of consequences!

We enjoyed the trail down and the place we stepped into was gorgeous. It offered us a different view of the Falls and we met some lovely people on the way. However, getting back on track can sometimes be difficult, even when we know we are being guided. Often that is when we stop listening, or second guess ourselves, feeling it is too hard.

The path was steep, which we hadn’t really noticed on the way down since we were looking at how pretty it was. It required us to focus on breathing and pacing ourselves. We heard someone else ask why they had been foolish enough to go down.

And yet, when we climbed back up to the main path again, there was a sense of achievement as well as of joy. We had found a new place to visit that offered peace and tranquillity and enough exercise to get the cardio working!

Life was never intended to be so easy that we fall asleep. The more we celebrate our efforts and triumphs, the more we appreciate all life offers.