John the Beloved

Finding The Balance Within

In our busy world we often find ourselves out of balance and have no idea how that happened. If I find I am beginning to react and not respond then I know something is adrift within. At that point I sit to connect to the Grid.   

This is an exercise that John gave to us many years ago. The first time I realised its gift was on arriving in Hong Kong in the 90’s as typhoon 8 was about tdescend. I settled into the hotelsat to meditate and couldn’t find my connection. Then I remembered the Grid exercise. My connection to All that Is happened as soon as I felt myself connect to the Grid. I felt its support and grounding energy whilst the typhoon raged outside, the hotel rocked and the windows rattled.  

If you are unaware of this exercise it’s available on the Exploring Intuitive Pathways membership site, which can be accessed here for a free trial. I strongly recommend this as an aid in any situation of stress or uncertainty. 


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