John the Beloved

Energising our Purpose

Do you feel you have the steps to connect to and energise your purpose? Are you stepping up and then falling over in achieving it? Are you waiting for your purpose fulfill itself? John talked about energising our purpose and how we often fall over because we have confusion around what it is and what we are supposed to be doing. Often we feel it has to be some grand thing with a fancy title. In reality fulfilling it is about using our focus to evolve to something more than we started out as being and helping others to do the same in the process. If you don’t know what your purpose is then look at what you find yourself doing automatically and more than anything else. That is a big clue. Then take small steps to do more of it. Connecting to your Higher Self and asking to be shown what might hinder you is a good step to take too as that enables yo to be aware of any illusions you might have around this. If you fall over then either you are not fully aligned or your head is getting in the way so step back and ASK your guidance for help. We fulfill our purpose, often in spite or ourselves! However being awake, alert and aware of who we are and what we came to share certainly helps. Where are you on the journey? Next week we will talk about how your challenges empower your purpose and your gifts enhance it.