John the Beloved

Embracing Serenity

Embracing Serenity What is serenity? What does it offer? Where is it in your life? Serenity seems such an old fashioned word, doesn’t it? And yet, we all need serenity – a place, a space or a moment – in the midst of our busy and often challenging lives. It makes the difference between surviving and thriving. Why does it impact us so much? Serenity is about taking time to breathe. In that space we are able to live and breathe and have our being within the greater being of the Universe. We make an appointment with our self and also with the Universe. We sit within universal energy and simply BE. When we accept All That Is and remember that we attract to us according to who we are then nothing is by chance or coincidence and all is part of our journey. For some of us it’s about relaxing with loved ones at the end of the day. For others it’s about being in nature. Yet others treasure time alone perhaps with music or a glass of something. On a recent trip to Hong Kong we experienced this on two occasions. The first was the celebration of Helen Go’s life. Although this began as something for our community we were asked if those from other areas of her life might join in. They arrived knowing they were strangers and willing to be with strangers for a shared outcome. Their energy was lovely and complemented ours. The evening, despite the sadness, was one of serenity and acceptance. The second occasion was very different. It was Tony’s birthday the following day and we went on a boat to a sports bar to celebrate. We were the only westerners in the bar and had a great meal. When the owner brought the cake and played happy birthday however, the restaurant erupted. Everyone began singing and clapping and taking photos of Tony and the cake. Again we were strangers and again we all shared a common experience. This time no sadness and yet the same feeling of serenity and peace. Both times came from a group of people accepting each other and sharing a moment. So why do we resist serenity when it is so beneficial? After all, our emotions need it simply to rest and relax. Our brains need it to recharge at a cellular level. Our Soul needs it to strengthen our connection. When we are not truly at one within, when we cannot be unconditional about self or our actions then we are not standing in acceptance of All That Is and we are not able to use the energy of the Law of Attraction to help and benefit our journey. This Law states that what we focus on we become. It is quite simple. If we are focussed on being unconditional then we become it. If we focus on criticism then we become critical. At this point serenity eludes us. A piece of us stands in judgment of who we are and that leads to uncertainty, worry and doubt. Once we are able to de-stress, we open the door to finding and living the life serene: a life where actions come from the inner acceptance that we are exactly who we are. We came to be and to play, with lessons to learn and gifts to share. We will make mistakes as part of our journey and something rich will come from our mistakes if we look at it from a point of serenity and not of judgement. Our newsletter video this week offers a simple exercise to help you to get into a habit of being serene through being at peace.