John the Beloved

Do you Triumph or Succeed?

Is your life one of Triumph of Success?
Do you know the difference?
Do you succeed without necessarily feeling a sense of achievement?

It’s possible to succeed without feeling a sense of personal triumph. Success is simply the accomplishing of a goal or task. However, triumph has an added dimension. When we triumph we celebrate what we have added in achieving in that success. It might be that we have stretched our abilities and discovered new strengths within. It might be that in order to succeed, it required the learning of new skills. It always includes a sense of personal pride at how far we have come to reach this point. Our image of ourself expands in that moment.

Triumph is about more than money. It’s about learning how much more we are and celebrating that.
When we celebrate our triumphs we are not celebrating a completed task. We are celebrating who we have become in the process. If we don’t celebrate our triumphs then we can slip back into the original self image and the growth isn’t anchored. Celebrate your triumphs and watch how your sense of self shifts and grows.


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