John the Beloved

Do you believe in limitless possibilities?

Do you think limitlessly? Can you imagine what possibilities are open to you? Have you sat within your own limitless space? We all have challenges in life and often they seem overwhelming and yet they are not. We all have the capacity to deal with the things which open up for us – or not. We all have a place within us where we can dream the impossible. The trick is to align all of this so that place of dreaming is where we connect to our limitlessness: where we deal with all that is overwhelming in a loving and supportive way, where we allow ourselves to open up to what challenges us and where we become totally limitless in our thinking and being. Basically we can blame life and others or we can take the lemons and make lemonade. Connecting to Spirit helps us to do this. Over the years we’ve worked with many people and they all reach a point we call the wall. Change is never easy, especially when we are changing something that is deep or longstanding. If our work on our “stuff” has been genuine when we hit the wall we go over it or round it and find our limitless self. If our work is bassed on feeling better and not facing what might not feel better, then we hit the wall instead and fire all that energy back at those around us. Being limitless requires us first of all to take responsibility for our lives and the actions we take. Only then can we grow into limitless thinking and Being. Is this your journey? Are you striving to be limitless?