John the Beloved

Creating the Outcomes you desire.

Are you awake to what your soul is telling you? Are you alert to the little synchronicities each day? Do you take time out of your day for reflection? This is how we shape our outcomes. When we pay attention to the promptings of our soul, when we see the synchronicities daily that occur and when we take time out to reflect on our day then we are co-creating the outcomes we desire. Of course it is equally important to be clear about the outcome itself and often we aren’t. Often what we desire starts as a negative. In other words the outcome is something we don’t want to repeat rather than something we wish to create. That’s why listening to your soul prompting is first on the list because this is where we can gain clarity if we listen. And when we see the synchronicities we know if we are on track or not quite there yet. This helps us to reword any critical thinking we might be indulging in. Keeping a journal is another way to do this. Read it and look at how often your journal expresses what you don’t want or criticisms of how you are not being spiritual…. Finally taking time out for reflection or meditation helps us to anchor the outcomes we are seeking effectively. After all, if it’s to be it begins with me – and if you aren’t listening how can it be?