John the Beloved

Collaborating with your body elemental

Did you know there is an elemental alive and well within you? Are you aware of its role? How do you cooperate with it? When we talk about elementals, we usually think about the elementals of earth, air, fire and water and yet within us we have one that is dedicated to us. The Body Elemental (as it is called) is the consciousness within us which takes care of every aspect of maintaining our physical life, health and well being. It ensures that the blood flows within our veins, it keeps our lungs breathing and it oxygenates our brain so all the functions we need to stay alive are operating. However, it does more than that. It contains the blueprint of this life and all we incarnated to achieve. How we think or feel can have an impact on it and its work equally as much if not more than all elementals. When we persistently think badly about ourselves, we create a feeling that is unpleasant. When we are angry we hold that within the cells of our body. The more we do so, the more our body elemental is affected. Its purpose is to maintain wellbeing and that is difficult, if not impossible, if we are constantly bombarding it will negative thoughts and feelings. Then it has to work twice as hard for us to feel a sense of well being and/or health. Try beginning each day by acknowledging your body elemental and being thankful for your body, life and well being. If you can sit for a few minutes each day saying thank you and seeing yourself happy and smiling you are collaborating with your body elemental and its job of keeping you healthy in mind, body and spirit is made so much easier. It is no coincidence that the initials for the body elemental are BE.