John the Beloved

Celebrating all you can be

In May 2016, I asked the question “Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?”

If you have allowed yourself to move through the guidelines we offered you are now in the butterfly stage. Here is how I described it:

We are now connecting to our heart and our Soul takes over the journey. Despite being uncomfortable, we know there is more and we struggle to break free of past limitations and connect to the Light to find it. IF you are living your new self, if your life operates in partnership with Spirit and you are the butterfly.

As we step into 2019, a year of growth and expansion, it is about celebrating who we are and all we choose to become. 2019 is not about looking for more problems to solve or wounds to heal. We have been there and done that. At some point we are asked to make a choice to accept ourselves, warts and all, and, through celebration of our light, step up in service to others. Many have lost their lives this year through the anger and pain of others, who strike out indiscriminately. Many have also lost their lives through the ferocity of the elements being out of control.

Yet within that there have been amazing stories about the triumph of the human spirit and unexpected acts of kindness offered without expectation of reward. Surely it is time for us all to begin the process of building a strong foundation for the future based on our common humanity and not our divisions. Politics, religion and money are topics with which we can argue and create wars again and again. If we focus on topics such as community, acceptance and kindness, as our beacons, then we banish separation and truly build a world of peace.

Insight Essentials is a group within our Facebook page where you are invited to share and discuss with others to find common ground. Equally, it is not a place to sell to each other.

Why not join us and let’s see what type of foundation we can build?


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