John the Beloved

Being you

This image was taken in our garden in Australia a few years ago. It shows a joey (baby wallaby), having popped out of the pouch to explore, trying to get back in for fear of its surroundings.

It was feeling very brave leaving the pouch, wanting to be more independent and yet immediately it was assailed by all the new smells and sounds and especially the loss of the warmth of the pouch so back in it went!

Is this you? Is your way of life aligned to your spirituality? Are you living in harmony with the Earth? Or are you shaking with fear of being you?

We hear so much on the news about how our world is changing and most of it is fear based. We hear about escalating climate change, crime, drugs etc. The recent tropical storm in the USA and the hurricane which hit Asia show us a planet out of balance and not grounded. In fact when the hurricane began to build many of us began sending pink bubbles and it gradually weakened so that is a service all can do.

However, if we are not grounded then our thoughts and emotions scatter all around and like a pinball machine bounce from one thing to another. Is this you?

This is an exciting time to be alive if we are open to the inner changes possible that enable us to climb higher on the spiritual scale.
If we sit in fear then we cannot climb. It’s all about our frequency and we control that. No-one else is or can be in control unless we allow it. Who we are is an outcome of how we think and what we believe. If we focus on the physical things which upset us then we are being set up to look at who we are being and how aligned spiritually we are.

When we are willing to simply be ourselves without getting it right or wrong, worrying about how others see us or wanting to know the outcome before we do anything, then we are being ourselves.

So how do we achieve that?

See the beauty of life around you. We have moved on from that garden but the energy stays with us.
Focus on what you like about your self and others.
Take time to stop and connect with others.

If you could be anything you wish what would you be?


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