John the Beloved

Being intuitive – a serious business?

I hear people talk of trying to be spiritual, completing forgetting that we cannot not be spiritual. After all we are Spirit in a body, aren’t we?

And yet we try so hard to be whatever “spiritual’ is, that we forget to be us – a spirit in a body. We have created so many rules around what we should be, could be or ought to be and they don’t allow us to be ourselves. After all, our Soul chose the personality with which we incarnated knowing they were all the tools we need. If we don’t talk to our soul, if we believe we know better than our soul, or the “right” order in which to develop then we are surely wasting a lot of time trying to reinvent the wheel.

As Forrest Gump says: “When life hands you lemons…..”

Taking time to laugh and play gives us an opportunity to learn without criticism or judgment. If we practice the ability to simply take life more easily, practice not taking ourselves and our lives too seriously, then we have the ability to move through our challenges by using the gifts of our personality. Being too seriously we set ourselves aside to be who we should be – and that person may not have the gifts that we do.!

After all, we are not the Universe, only a tiny cog in a very large wheel. Making it all about getting it right takes away the joy and the wonder of allowing spirit to show us what is possible.


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