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Being Grounded

This week, we’re talking about being grounded.

Last month we spoke about healing, which is really about the water element.

This month, it’s about the earth element and being grounded is very much about the earth. We can either be so grounded, that we are stuck, almost in the mud and can’t move forward. Or so little grounded, that we never quite feel anchored in the moment, we never quite feel real. Most of the time for most of us, we feel anchored but sometimes we go through periods where feeling that sense of certainty is difficult to sustain.

Our world is going through a major challenge at the moment, most of it made worse by the fact that there are so many ideas, thoughts and theories floating around that it’s difficult to be centred and settled.

Some of them are: it’s all a plot to control mankind, the governments are using this as an excuse to limit our personal freedoms,  coronavirus is no worse than any other virus. And then there are the theories that it’s an excuse to implant microchips, and various other things into our bodies.

40 years ago, that theory was propounded for the first time. 40 years ago, there was a lot spoken of the fact that we would all, in 25 years’ time, be walking around with a number tattooed on our brow that authorities could use to track us, to follow us wherever we went; that we would have an identity number placed under our skin on the brow for tracking and control purposes. Well, the brow hasn’t happened.

This blog isn’t about who’s right or who’s wrong. However, take a moment to feel your own energy, to let go of all the noise, the chatter, that’s going on outside, and to breathe into who you are. And as you breathe, as you feel your own energy, beyond every thought, or every feeling that might have been stirred, just be. Sit and feel yourself being. Imagine your feet are going deep into the earth to give you a point of connection and anchor, but not so deep that you can’t move.

Take this time, ground yourself. Then if you want to step back into the debates that are occurring, you can do so knowing that you’re being who you be. We’ll talk more next week.


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  1. I spend time in nature every day, it has powerfully supported me to be more creative and productive during this challenging time than usual! And it soothes me and clears me emotionally.

    I don’t usually quote biblical stuff, but I find this distinction enormously valuable on many levels…

    Jesus spoke about being “in” the world vs. being “of” the world. During this time I see people becoming more and more “of” the world. And I see people unable to separate – each day for a time – from being “of” the world.

    I dare say, most folks have not yet realized on a conscious level that they need to develop the ability to separate from being “of” the world – the media, marketing, money, advertising and technology that inundates our daily lives now – each and every day in order to be both well-grounded and well-connected.

    This “in” the world vs. “of” the world distinction supports me to maintain a healthy balance; it even supports me at times to recognize “where” an individual is on their journey – “where they are with who they are” – to better accept and understand them whole-heartedly, without judgment, expectation or attachment.

    To better “Accept and enjoy and…let go.” There’s a lot of freedom for me in that.

  2. It came to mind this morning that if you are not able to ground yourself you could find your self in danger of being swept up in the emotion of the collective mass consciousness rising waters! Sitting in a peace filled place and closing my eyes as John suggested in this months talk is anchoring. Thank you Helen and John. 🥀

  3. Thank you Helen – have been doing exactly what you are saying above. Not easy, and so rewarding when I do take that time to just sit and BE! Speak to you soon.

  4. Thank you for this timely reminder to take our time to feel into our own energy. I have been practicing this and am amazed how many different feelings are going on in me lately. More reason to sit and take the time to ground myself.

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