John the Beloved

Beach, mountain and forest values

Value is one of the easiest ways to identify which we are. When we know what each represents then it helps us to be a little clearer. It gives us something concrete to connect with.

What might the values of a beach person be? Someone for whom relaxation and play is important, where family and friends or time alone enable recharging. The sun warms, the water refreshes, the ground, sand or pebbles gives support and the air challenges the need to be serious. However don’t take it literally. Look at how this person might approach life, relationships and business. Beach people are warm and refreshing who like to support others providing it doesn’t become too heavy. They recognize that no matter the situation humour and fun are essential.

The values of a forest person are all about nurturing and support. They like to make room and a place for everyone, feel that they are growing and learning to be more and can hide from the world if necessary. In the forest there are paths that peter out, trails which meander from one path to another, no straight lines unless the forest is manmade. In life this person may not see the wood for the trees, may be continually experimenting or full of hidden depths. He or she may even disappear and then reappear without remark. For this one freedom is the catch phrase – the freedom to be whatever in the moment.

The mountain has very different values. This is about strength and security, about standing tall and holding the energy still and calm. The mountain experiences al the changes of temperature in its length depending on where it is found. It is timeless and unbending and beautiful in its majesty. These people value strength, security and being there for others no matter what. They will hold the space for what is needed without complaint. They endure and for them commitment is almost sacred.

What if you still don’t feel you fit either of the above? Are you something else? Or are you out of touch with your centre?


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