John the Beloved

Are you acting on Spirit’s prompting?

When Spirit knocks, do you answer, or do you check and double check to be certain? Is it important to you to be sure you have it right? Or do you know that whatever is happening is part of the Plan?

When we check then we are living with doubt, not Spirit. Doubt tells us we are wrong or mistaken or may look foolish and effectively closes the door. It’s our emotional body wanting to feel safe and not be vulnerable. Living with Spirit we are never vulnerable.

The need to get it right comes from a judgement we have that we are not enough. Making sure we get it right, we live with inadequacy not Spirit as this is about proving ourselves. We never have to prove ourselves to Spirit.

When we accept that we are always corrected, always in the right place at the right time and follow the signals then we are living with the Plan, not our need to control.

How does this work for you?


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  1. When I follow the promptings spontaneously, it’s amazing what happens. The ‘problem’ is when I get into my head and think about it..question it …

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