John the Beloved

Are you a caterpillar? Or are you a butterfly?

How far have you travelled on your path of transformation? Are you at the beginning, part way through or are you now the butterfly? How can you tell? The caterpillar goes through 4 stages in its journey. In the first stage it crawls along happily eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping. The second stage is when it feels an urge to create a cocoon so it starts spinning. At this stage the eating is over but the urge to spin and sleep takes over. The third stage is being totally cocooned and allowing itself to literally go within. The final stage is the struggle to break free of the cocoon, spread its wings and fly. Where do you feel you are in this process? There are 4 stages:
  • Going about our daily life with the focus on our physical needs
  • We feel there is something more that we are mssing but don’t know what
  • We question who we are
  • We break free of our old patterns
At the first stage we are consumed by the needs of daily life, happily going about the tasks of living. At this point our base chakra controls our journey with its need for physical security and gratification. At the second stage we begin to feel a need for something more. At this point our sacral chakra takes over and we begin to spin ideas and dreams of what it could be. At the third stage we question who we be. At this stage the solar plexus chakra takes over and we go within, often using meditation to do so. We begin to explore all we could be. At the final stage, the struggle to break free occurs. We are now connecting to our heart and our Soul takes over the journey. Despite being uncomfortable we know there is more and we struggle to break free of past limitations and connect to the Light to find it. If you are living your new self, if your life operates in partnership with Spirit then you are the butterfly. The process is not easy but just like the butterfly, the outcome is amazing.

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